Who We Are

Innovation Factory blends creativity, design, technology, and entrepreneurship, providing our clients with the capabilities they need to develop revolutionary products that change the way you interact with world around you.

At Innovation Factory we:

  • Transform our clients’ product ideas into 3D CAD models and create the design template for a physical product.
  • Turn design models into working prototypes that provide proof of concept and allow clients to test-market their product ideas.
  • Locate financing sources to enable our clients to fund the research and development of finished products.
  • Provide expert consulting and hands-on support to help our clients build a business model for their new start-up, specify manufacturing requirements, develop marketing plans and connect to potential buyers to merchandise their products

Our store showcases the latest technology for 3D design, modeling, and printing. All of our facilities and expert support provide designers and entrepreneurs with an opportunity to collaborate on work and create an amazing physical product.

Stop by today and see what you can make!